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A Song of Bullets​

  • ISBN-10: 069279655x

  • ISBN-13: 978-0692796559 (Sheffield Publications)


A Powerful Psychological Thriller

A Song of Bullets by Belfast born Lizzy Shannon, who grew up during the worst of ‘The Troubles’ of the 70s. A terrorist bomb sets off a chain reaction in musician Jennifer Hamilton’s life, causing destruction, betrayal, and vengeance. She enters the traditional Belfast music scene to infiltrate the IRA, also entering a dangerous love triangle. A unique point of view, based on a true story. Recruited by one side to spy on the other, which will she ultimately choose?

"Shannon is clearly drawing on her own personal background

and experiences as a Northern Irish native ...

enriched by historical references...a touch of romance

that should impress readers with its political acumen."

-- Kirkus Reviews

A Celtic Yearbook Journal & Calendar
  • ISBN-10: 1945136162

  • ISBN-13: 978-1945136160 (Sheffield Publications)

In this 8 x 10 journal edition of A Celtic Yearbook, Lizzy Shannon takes us through the Gregorian calendar as well as the 13 months and single day of the Druidic calendar. Like the Native Americans, Celtic traditions were handed down through the generations. Explore legends and superstitions, find out how to make honey mead, hand-made soap, and learn about the Celtic astrological signs that are based on the Dryadic personalities of individual trees. Discover which sign you were born under, who your Celtic spirit animal guide is, and much more. Explore language, superstitions, and enchantments. Learn how to make poteen and mead, stay healthy and strong through natural remedies and use of meditation, use the notebook to record your dreams and meanings.


"The spirit of Ireland shared in a delightfully personal and entertaining book." - Gerry Anderson, Radio Foyle Northern Ireland,

author of Surviving Stroke City and Heads.

Pocketbook edition A Celtic Yearbook
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0615539874

  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0615539874  (Sheffield Publications)

In This 6 x 9 edition has all the pictures and content of the Journal & Calendar, but in a nice portable size!

Time Twist


  • ISBN-10: 1897492006

  • ISBN-13: 978-1897492000 (Dragon Moon Press)

Caught in time... In the 21st century, humanity still believes they are alone in the universe. That changes. Temporal experiments from the future go wrong, and an innocent bystander, Catriona Logan, is suddenly thrust into a future where the Earth is a wasteland. Humanity now fights for the alien Leontors in a war against the reptoid Komodoans, in return for technology to re-terraform Earth. The war is at a stalemate. Catriona's unique 21st century brainwave patterns will ensure a victory to whoever can scan her first, and she becomes a pawn between the alien races. Captured, Catriona must unravel the threads of deceit and find a mysterious and compelling ally in a world where her rules no longer apply. Time is fractured and only Catriona can put it right, but at what cost?

"A fast-paced romp through an imaginative, wild world inhabited with memorable characters and a fearless, fiery heroine.

Strap yourself in for a thrilling trip."

-- Ray Pitz, Sherwood Gazette Newspapers

Out of print. The third book in the series to be released in 2024. (Originally two books in this volume.)

Tales from Erin


  • ISBN-10: 0692255400

  • ISBN-13: 978-0692255407 (Sheffield Publications)


The Celtic people are renowned for their love of stories and storytelling. This collection of rare and unusual tales, passed down through generations by word of mouth, evokes the Celtic Other World of magic, heroic battles, and honor. Where the passion of ancient kings, queens and warriors of Erin knew no mortal boundaries, where man fought sea serpents and giants, outwitted crafty sheehogues, and flew like seafoam on the wind, spirited through land and ocean by enchanted faery horses.

​"A beautiful collection of 23 spectacular legends of Ireland.

The rich language stays true to the poetry and character of

fireside storytelling, yet sizzles with vivid imagery."

-Thomas Nichols, Los Angeles Critic

Through the Dolmen: a short story


What if you found yourself thrust into the past where you were still a teenager? Would you change anything?

Take a time-travel journey through the mysterious Neolithic portal tomb, the Legananny Dolmen in the Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland. Explore an earlier, troubled time when things were very different from today.

Amazon Deathiness.png

Short story Ashes

in the Alternative Deathiness Anthology by B Cubed Press​

  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1949476227

  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1949476224 (B Cubed Press)


I’m coming for you is a bad movie line. For Death it is a promise. We tend to like to avoid the concept of death, but it keeps finding us. So we put together a book. But what to call it?

We were sick of death coming in and taking friends and family, giving no regard for us except to leer from the darkness. The answer came, in a callout to Steven Colbert: we opted for Deathiness. Death didn’t like that.


So Death, be warned: We’re Coming for You! And we're doing it with these great stories.

Wolf Songs


  • ISBN-10: 0615262341

  • ISBN-13: 978-0615262345

Includes short story by Lizzy: Navan's Hound


The wolf has long been a source of folklore and mystery, since the dawn of humankind. Sometimes reviled and feared Sometimes revered and loved The wolf's fate has intertwined with our own. Follow the latest myths and legends or the wolf as written by Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror authors. In this anthology, you'll find stories by best selling pros as well as by up and coming authors. Edited by M.H. Bonham, Science Fiction and Fantasy author and editor, you'll discover that as the dusk fades in the night, you'll hear the wolfsong calling you into stories of the imagination.

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