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Lizzy Shannon has recently returned to her native Northern Ireland, after living at the End of the Oregon Trail for a number of years.

A bestselling author and editor, her published works span many genres, including science fiction, Celtic nonfiction, fantasy, screenplays, and stage plays.

Having grown up in Belfast, Lizzy's latest novel is set amidst the worst era of Northern Ireland's 'Troubles' in the 70's, and based on true events in her life.

She is currently working with Irish actor, playwright, and author Clive Geraghty on translating her Great-Uncle Ernest Blythe’s memoirs from Irish into English. A fascinating insight into one of the few Ulster Protestants who joined the Irish Volunteers and played an active role in planning the Easter Uprising of 1916.


Lizzy's career is as varied as the genres she writes. Starting out as a library assistant in a Northern Irish rural town, she moved on to study Theatre Arts and Literature in London, and toured the United Kingdom as a professional actress. Roles ranged from the goddess Hecate in Shakespeare's Macbeth to Gustav, the Amazing Dancing Bear in a clown troupe.


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"A tale of rebellion, war, and love.

Witty and humorous ...

and devastatingly realistic."

--Thomas Nichols, Los Angeles Critic 

"Compelling writing that will haunt your mind --

and stir your soul. Don't miss it."  

William F. Nolan, author of Logan's run


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June 19th 2019