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A bestselling author and editor, Lizzy's published works span many genres, including science fiction, Celtic nonfiction, fantasy, screenplays, and stage plays.

Having grown up in Belfast, her latest novel, A Song of Bullets, is set amidst the worst era of Northern Ireland's 'Troubles' in the 70's, and based on true events in her life.

She's currently working on a sequel, and has been living in her native Northern Ireland for the past couple of years, and as soon as Covid-19 allows, will return to her home in Oregon, where she originally emigrated to in 1989.


Lizzy's career is as varied as the genres she writes. Starting out as a library assistant in a Northern Irish rural town, she moved on to study Theatre Arts and Literature in London, and toured the United Kingdom as a professional actress. Roles ranged from the goddess Hecate in Shakespeare's Macbeth to Gustav, the Amazing Dancing Bear in a clown troupe.


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"A tale of rebellion, war, and love.

Witty and humorous ...

and devastatingly realistic."

--Thomas Nichols, Los Angeles Critic 

"Compelling writing that will haunt your mind --

and stir your soul. Don't miss it."  

William F. Nolan, author of Logan's run


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