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A moment with Freddie Mercury

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

I'm watching the Freddie Mercury story on Netflix, and keep thinking back to 1986 when I had the honour of appearing in the music video of 'Time'. I was one of many - a bunch of drama students cobbled together as you can see in the video link. Freddie had to do many, many takes, and I remember plonking myself in the first row of the theatre we were shooting in, and thinking I was anonymous behind the stage lights, I watched him with such admiration and awe, remembering when I was newly teenage and in lust with him during the time 'Killer Queen' was released. (Obviously I knew by this time he was gay!) Anyway, I was lost in my memories and completely gobsmacked that here I was, being paid to appear in one of his videos, when I realised he was staring right back at me, with a cheeky amused grin on his face. I felt myself flush with embarrassment for gawping, and grinned sheepishly. My admiration obviously amused him. The moment passed. He returned to his next take and back the rest of us went on stage. But then two tickets for the show (starring Cliff Richard) appeared, handed to me by one of the workers. A gift from Freddie! What a lovely man. A wonderful moment.. one I'll never forget. You can spot me around 2:40 and 3:29 in the video. I wuz there!


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