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Abandon hope, all ye…. er, something like that!

I appear to be on a roll with exploding food. Following the other day’s impromptu stew IED, today I managed to create almost as much of a mess. Heating up a couple of bowls of soup for lunch, I opened the microwave to lift one out. I don’t know how it happened but the bowl slipped from my grasp, breaking in two on the kitchen floor, and spraying vegetable soup over the microwave, counter, fridge, washing machine, wall, floor, rugs, and me…. Have you ever seen the aftermath of a vegetable soup spillage? It’s not a pretty sight.

I let out a string of curses and Dad came to investigate.

"What'd did you do that for?" he demanded.

All I could reply was, “No soup for you!” quoting the Soup-Nazi (not my description!) in Seinfeld.

Emergency! All hands on deck! Dear Dad mucked in immediately and in minutes we had everything scraped off the surfaces, sponged down, sprayed, and in Cooper’s case licked up. I went off the notion of soup after that so gave mine to Dad.

Abandon hope all ye who expect hot soup for lunch!

Here is what the leg of my sweats looked like:


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