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Adventures in Research

This has been an interesting week, all around. I’ve been putting off all kinds of things while I write, and it reached critical mass last weekend. I *had* to hit pause on the writing, and attend to matters pertaining to everyday life. So, I packed five appointments in during the week and got them out of the way.

I also made an appointment to have my concealed weapons permit renewed. I originally got it because of a particularly frightening stalker who latched onto me back in 2004. It’s been ten years now, so with a bit of luck he’s gone forevermore. I like to mention my permit from time to time in my blog just in case!

What prompted me to finally set it up, was that during the week I got the opportunity to shoot a semi-automatic pistol at a local firing range. No one I know owns a Browning 9mm Hi-Power, so I’d put out a request at the range to see if any of the members would be willing to indulge me, and let me try it out for research. A very sweet man answered the call, and I found out for myself what a satisfyingly sturdy, yet elegant weapon it is to fire.

This was my first experience with this type of handgun, and I have to warn you, this one bites! The webbing between my thumb and forefinger is still healing from the slide, because I didn’t hold it correctly. Needless to say, I learned pretty quickly how to after that.

Another very sweet man from clear across the other side of the world told me about the addition of Pachmyer rubber grips to absorb recoil and make everything go a lot more smoothly. People are so incredibly kind to help me out with all this research, even though probably it makes no sense to them at all.

Anyway, I know that gun-ownership can be an incendiary topic, and it’s not my intention to start a debate or give an opinion either way. My philosophy on most things in life has stood me well over the years: let those who want to, do it… and those who don’t want to, don’t have to… and no judgement either way!

So, in the spirit of gun-toting, here’s a really silly character photo taken of me in the 90’s… just came across it when sorting old photos. It totally cracks me up!


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