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"Fat Americans" - thanks Dad

Monday 25 July Just a note to tell you how WONDERUL Stone's English Ginger Wine is. :-)  Scotty arrived early this morning.  He lasted very well throughout dog marauding, goat greeting, lunch with Father, and then grocery shopping.  He's retired to bed with acute jet lag and I'm sure he'll sleep wonderfully.  We bought some wine with our groceries, and I got some of my favorite ginger wine.  It's fortified and has a hell of a kick!  All I can say is I love my friends, I love my life, I feel wonderful, and I'm really happy.  <grin>  DRUNK!!!!!  And I really like looking at the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team.  In fact I've watched their war celebration at the start of last week's big match about 5 times.  It's very hot in here.  Or is it the All Blacks?

Tuesday 26 July This morning I woke up to the sound of applause.  "Thank you verra mush," I slurred with the force of a ginger wine hangover, then woke up completely.  Who in hell was clapping and why?  I got up, pulled the drapes and discovered the elderly male next door neighbor standing outside his house, clapping his hands at some crows to make them fly away.  They ignored him of course.  Funny how the crows didn't wake me but the hand-clapping did.  <sigh>  After a Vitamin C and lots of water I tried to wake up completely but never quite managed it.  Still haven't, and it's evening.

Thursday 28 July It's been so hectic I haven't had much of a chance to write here.  Scott and I have been having a good time, but thanks to Father we have been a bit stressed out from time to time.  Remember I mentioned about how he is inclined to misbehave when a third party is present?  Well, boy has he gone over the top this time.  Scott arrived early on Monday.  Even though he was suffering from jet lag he was kind enough to come out with the dogs in the morning.  I invited Dad and Scott out to lunch - both agreed readily.  At 1200 I approached Dad and said we could go any time.  

"It's a bit early," he grumbled.

"Yes, it is earlier than usual, but I've been up since 0530 and Scott's been traveling all night."

"Well, it doesn't suit me.  I normally eat at one."

Muttering, "Insensitive," I went to tell Scott we'd have to wait to eat.  Shortly thereafter Dad apparently changed his mind and came in to change.   The lunch went well and we had a very good time, joking and relaxing.  All went well until 1800 that evening.

"So, when do we eat?" asked Dad.

I looked at him in surprise; usually after a lunch out he's not hungry.  "We can throw something together now if you like," I said.  "How does a fry suit you?"

"That'd be fine."

Scott kindly offered to give me a break and cook it and he retired to the kitchen, going to great trouble to make a very nice job of it.  English butler style he called, "Dinner is served!"

Dad thundered down the corridor.  "What do you mean, dinner?  I'm not hungry - I don't want a dinner!"

"You don't need to eat a dinner; just take what you want," I answered, taken aback at his vehemence.  I mean, he did ask just half an hour ago what we were going to eat.

He saw the buffet-style dishes laid out for him to help himself from.  "What the hell did you cook all that food for?" he demanded.  "I couldn't eat that.  It's no wonder you Americans are so fat."

I literally had the breath taken from me at his ungraciousness and appalling rudeness.  Scott's a guest in his home and had made this food specially for Dad.  And the portions were modest... he had no reason to be so insulting.  All I could do was ignore the ranting but I felt crippled with embarrassment.  "Just take what you want," I repeated quietly, not meeting his eyes and placing a plate in his hand.

Muttering, he took some food and stalked into the dining room.  As one, Scott and I took what we wanted and retired to the lounge to watch the movie Galaxy Quest on television.  My father has always felt it is just fine to treat me with disrespect.  I don't like it but I'm used to it from him, but to treat a guest like that....  But, we already know Dad is cantankerous and self-centered, I guess this episode should not be that much of a surprise.  Dad, naturally, will not apologize, although afterward I'm positive he regretted his outburst.  He took the dogs out for a short walk around the neighborhood while Scott and I fumed.  Fortunately being us, finally we saw the funny side and had a most therapeutic laugh.  When Dad returned we completely ignored him, continuing to watch Galaxy Quest.  Usually I'd hand the remote control to Dad as it's his televison, but not this time!  After a moment Dad offered some tidbit about a neighbor who'd taken a fall.  I responded politely but without warmth.  

Scott didn't talk to him at all until bedtime, and who can blame him!


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