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"Live or die on this day"

Tomorrow it will be a fortnight that I'm back in Northern Ireland. I seem to have packed a lot into those two weeks. Two visits to family in Belfast, a live theater show, a couple of days in and around other counties for research purposes, and several more thousand words on the book.

Last night I took some time off and watched the first movie I've seen in a while. I had planned to catch up on movies on the flight over, but with astoundingly unfortunate luck I happened to be in one of the three seats that had malfunctioning television screens. The United Airlines flight crew were convincingly concerned and rebooted several things to try and rectify it, but to no avail. When I'd first reported it, I said jokingly, "Put it this way, if I can't watch movies, I'm going to have to drink a LOT." He laughed, assuring me he'd fix it, but...

Well, I was a bit disappointed but there's no point in being annoyed over something so trivial. So, I'd work on the book, read, play games on my phone for the next seven hours. No worries.

The flight attendant apologized one more time, and I replied, "Well, I'll just have to have another drink then, won't I?"

With a grin he handed over my requested white wine, and very kindly wouldn't let me pay for it. "The least we can do," two of them said in unison.

I must remember never to book seat 9D in Premier Economy ever again!

But I digress... last night's movie was 'The Grey' starring Liam Neesan. The quote I used above is from it. Crashed plane survivors must battle the frigid elements and killer wolves in Alaska. It had everything going for it as far as my tastes: Liam Neesan (the more rugged he gets the more attractive!), Alaska, and survival. But it was a sad disappointment. I think the script was well written, most of the acting top notch, and the camera work stunning. Yet somehow it didn't all work together. The director asked us to suspend belief on too many things, like a guy leaping off a cliff and managing to jump at least fifty feet horizontally onto the tops of some trees. Monster killer wolves with a bad attitude and a grudge weren't convincing at all, and as the entire storyline after the plane crash relied completely on the battle between man and beast, it fell flat.

Still, I watched it to the end, even though I groaned in irritation at the last scene. But I won't spoil the ending for you if you intend to watch it!


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