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Moments of mirth

I had one of those wonderful, unexpected moments of laughing until tears came, just now. I'd ordered a friend's book, which arrived today. At lunchtime Dad invariably reads his newspaper at the table, and conversation is not an option. (It's always good for me to be here... having to prepare a lunch for Dad forces me to take a break, too.) So, I placed my friend's book on the table as I sat down, and looked eagerly at the cover, about to open it.

Next thing I know, Dad snatched it up, saying, "You'd better not leave that there; you might get food stains all over it. A nice new book like that."

I was transported back over the years to childhood, when any amount of toys had thusly been snatched from my grasp, along with admonishments about 'No toys at the table!'

Dad deposited the book on a chair out of my reach, and noticed me shaking with laughter.

"What's so funny about that?" he demanded.

I couldn't answer for the longest time, and only then in between wiping tears from my eyes. I don't think he was amused. Afterwards I realized his ulterior motive was to make room for his paper!


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