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To Edinburgh... and beyond!

I’m heading off on my research trip to Edinburgh in Scotland, tomorrow. I’m on schedule with the book, I’m happy to say. Have written a couple of drafts up until my characters head to Scotland, and this week I’m going to write the finale on site. It’s so much fun!

As usual, as I write, my characters keep doing things I didn’t plan or expect them to do.But hey… now I get to have my main character blowing shit up; not just the terrorists!(And no, I’m not going to try and find a way to utilize practical application on that; I already have first-hand knowledge of being in a blast in Belfast.) I recently connected with a very kind person who knows about this sort of thing and is willing to help me with accuracy after I get back from Scotland. In fact, I expect those of you who admonished me for my last research adventure might be relieved to hear I now will have an escort for my next foray into questionable territory.

I’ll drop an update from Edinburgh, with a few pictures, hopefully. In the meantime, here’s where the finale takes place:


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