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Travelling in a Strange Land

On Friday I made my first exploratory expedition in the literary world here in Northern Ireland, by attending David Park's book launch of Travelling in a Strange Land, hosted by No Alibis Bookstore in the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast. I was curious to see if things were done any differently to the States, and was happy to find out they are very similar.

David made this launch an extra-special event by opening with guest singer/songwriter Mandy Bingham, whose beautiful haunting voice perfectly suited the introspective mood of his new book. He also invited photographer Sonya Whitefield, who had put together a collection of photos of her impressions of David's novel to share some of them while he read accompanying excerpts from the book.

Before David gave a reading he talked briefly about its creation, and his life. Then he read the opening of the novel and the first few pages. Beautifully crafted, and wonderful to hear in the author's own voice. I look forward to reading it, and thought it was very creative to have the music and photography included in the presentation.

A most enjoyable evening, and my good friend June Wilson came with me. Our friendship began back in Primary School in Belfast when we were 5 years old. It is a strange and wonderful thing to be back here again. Travelling in a Strange Land, one might say. For now, anyway, while it's still new!


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